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Unleash Your Potential - Turn Toward Discomfort

In my early twenties, I experienced intense anxiety often. The cause and the cure were beyond my reach. I felt like I was uniquely broken and did my best to hide that from everybody. But it was too much…

My mind was constantly racing with self-sabotaging thoughts. I was disconnecting from friends and opting out of social gatherings. I started to isolate myself.

Deep down I knew this was a dead-end path.

I was desperate to feel better. I was willing to try anything.

I believe in everyday miracles…

I stumbled upon voice lessons. I had no interest in becoming a professional singer. Instead, I was drawn to the idea of exposing what I was pushing down, what lay deep within me, and turning toward my anxiety.

I met the person who could help me. A gifted voice instructor who helped me tap into my inner power and find my voice. This was a lesson in vulnerability. Maybe for the first time, I turned toward myself, acknowledged what I was feeling, and connected to my voice.

At that time, vulnerability was the last thing I wanted to embrace. I worked hard to hide my emotional struggles. I didn’t want anybody to see that. The fear of rejection loomed over me, keeping me locked up tight.

With her guidance, I began to turn inward.

I asked myself difficult questions:

  • What did I truly need?

  • What did I want?

  • What was I scared of?

This process of turning toward myself was both enlightening and emotional. It brought me to tears more than once, but it also helped me peel away the layers of anxiety and discover profound insights about myself.

By the time I wrapped up the lessons I liked myself, began to trust myself, and listened. I began my journey of self-compassion and self-love.

I’m sharing this story with you because strong, uncomfortable emotions can be SO challenging. So much that we turn away from them.

Ironically, we need to turn toward them - toward ourselves. If we don’t, they only persist.

Why? They are messengers that we need to listen to.

My story of anxiety was intense and that’s what it took for me to take action.

But there is no reason to wait for intense discomfort. You can beat it to the punch.

I work with people to reconnect to their bodies, quiet their minds, and turn toward themselves. I help them build the container to hold discomfort and learn from it.

The benefits of this work cannot be overstated. You root into your personal power, trust yourself and increase your capacity for kindness and forgiveness for yourself and others.

In everyday life, this looks like contentment in your job and relationships. You’re managing your health, learning new things, and getting better sleep. You’re doing the things that really matter to you.

If you have goals but you just can’t seem to get yourself there, all you need is a springboard that I set up for you.

If you're coaching curious I'm offering a free coaching call. I'll gather more information about where you are right now and where you'd like to be. After some coaching, I'll provide my assessment, and a recommendation or two. If I think I can help you, I'll invite you to my program.

Wishing you peace and self-discovery,


Upcoming Opportunity!

I'm offering a half-day (4-hour) virtual retreat on August 19th. I've designed this retreat to slow down, quiet the mind, connect to your body, and bring your inner wisdom forward. This process includes laser coaching to get you traction and actionable steps when you complete the retreat.

If you're interested send me a message and I'll share the details.


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