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What we help with:

Tell us about what you're facing - our job is to help you feel energized, motivated, and resilient in all stages of life. Here are some of the things we help you break free from:


If you’re feeling unappreciated, dismissed in groups or gatherings, and not included in making plans at work or at home, you’re experiencing invisibility. This can be a real hit to self-confidence.


After we work together you will command attention when you walk into a room. Your experience and wisdom will be appreciated. Your confidence will return and you will shine.

Lack of Motivation

Don’t beat yourself up anymore about “being a procrastinator”, because you’re not. Procrastination is a sign, not a human quality. It shows up when you’re overwhelmed, unclear, or uninspired.


After working with Darcie, you’ll know your purpose which fuels motivation and clarity. Overwhelm will fade into the background when you find your direction and map out your steps.

Difficulty focusing

For those of you who struggle to maintain a focus and feel scattered, you can harness this energy for your greater good. We identify your strengths, leverage them, and create a new narrative about what you can do.


Can’t stay focused? Let’s get creative about what you can do. Feeling scattered? Use your strengths to get organized in a way that works for you. Let’s make ADHD your superpower!

Busyness, without productivity

Busy is not the same as productive. You know it because it feels like you’re spinning your wheels. There’s a lot of energy going out but you’re not getting anywhere.


Personalized coaching programs get your wheels connected to the pavement and some serious traction. You’ll find your focus, take action, and move in the direction you desire. You will feel what wise action can get you!

What Our Community Says


Erin H.

Flower Bouquet
I have healthy work boundaries, a regular self-care practice, and am exploring my next professional move. I used to feel guilty about taking care of myself, but now I’m living intentionally and into my values because Darcie helped me create a life vision. I feel a renewed sense of purpose and am taking action toward that vision thanks to Darcie. 
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