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Transformative Life Transition Coaching

Helping midlife adults transition into living their best lives.


Hi! I'm Darcie,

your life and wellness coach!

I help men and women turn midlife invisibility into a superpower, redirect distraction into laser focus, and uncover midlife purpose so that they feel renewed energy, see a clear direction and easily access motivation to make every day count.

Ready to transition to you 2.0?

The Rising Phoenix Method is a month-to-month coaching program designed to help great people feel good again by reconnecting you with your intuition to live a happy, healthy, and connected midlife!


Gain clarity and insight

Overcome roadblocks

Learn the exact tools & strategies you need

Gain support & accountability

How it works

1) Book a complimentary consultation call. 2) Complete our brief questionnaire. 3) Speak with Darcie Warden, our experienced coach, who'll help choose your program. Transform with our 6-month signature or 3-month accelerated coaching programs. Make midlife your best chapter yet. Book now!


Quiet your mind & tune in to your body.

Choose your 1-on-1 personal coaching
program for midlife awakening.

Rise into this next chapter of your life with confidence. Go from an unbalanced life to an aligned one with the life and wellness program that best suits you. 'The Aligned Self' program takes you on a 6-month journey from insight into action. The 3-month 'Ready to Launch' program gives you the tools to get traction.


Aligned Self


Most Transformative Results

Ready to Launch


The 'Starter' Option

Why partner with a life transition coach?

If you're experiencing shifts in your mental and physical health, as well as family dynamics and compositions causing you to feel stagnant, you'll want to partner with a midlife awakening program like ours... where our number one priority is genuine growth, integrity, intuition and insight. 


Ready for a midlife transformation?


Life & Wellness Coaching will help define your next chapter.

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