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The Healing Power of Nature: A Guide to Life Balance, Clarity, and Wisdom

A life awakening (not a crisis) is an awareness that you’re moving into a new chapter of your life. It can present itself in all sorts of ways: worry, anxiety, dissatisfaction, or a strong, nagging desire to change or do more in your life.

Your elevated awareness can be powerful, disrupting your thoughts into continual distraction. You might feel unsettled, shaking a life foundation you worked so hard to build.

Talk about discomfort!

First and foremost, don’t ignore your thoughts and feelings. It only gets worse if you do.

You can move into change, no matter how young or old you are, with support, clarity, and confidence in yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve read self-help books, followed wise teachers, and listened to different podcasts to help find your way through. They’re all useful for different people at different times. But I don’t want you to forget that you are an incredible resource for yourself.

You can access your wisdom, inner compass, and strength to welcome the change you desire and deserve at this stage of your life.

Be prepared to meet one big obstacle - YOUR MIND

As brilliant as the mind is, if left to its own devices will keep you in a holding pattern out of a primal instinct to stay safe.

If you catch yourself having conversations in your head about what you should do, how you should be, and what you should watch out for in the future… it’s time to get out of your head and reconnect with the quiet, wise self that exists in you.

It’s time to get outside! Move your body. Shake it up.

Spending time outside, moving your body, and letting your mind settle is deeply intertwined with healing and insight. For centuries, people have been reaping the benefits of spending time in nature. It’s common to feel clear-headed and rejuvenated after a long walk in the park or woods or spending a day listening to the sound of crashing waves.

There is a powerful relationship between nature and people feeling connected, grounded, and clear about who they are and what they want.

Get Grounded in Nature

Nature is all around us. Hike to a nearby wood, spend some time in your local park, or hit the beach! Time spent outside moving your body will connect you to yourself and your surroundings.

Calm and Connection

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious, spend even a few minutes outside. Notice the sky, and the trees, and even take your shoes off to walk in the grass. Literally, connect to your environment.

Have a little more time? Take a walk where there are trees, and with each step notice your breath. Notice each shrub, tree, and flower on your way. Notice the shape, color, and direction they grow. Listen to the bird songs. This exercise takes the attention off yourself, redirects it to your surroundings, and decreases your anxiety levels.

Mental Health

Spending time outdoors can significantly lower your stress levels. The stress hormone, cortisol, decreases when you spend time outside. It doesn’t even have to be a long walk in the forest or a park - it can be anything where you feel most connected to the earth. Spend time in your garden. Take your yoga mat and exercise outside. Bike, hike, or simply stand under the sun. Bring your attention to your feet on the ground, the warmth of the sun, or the freshness of the wind.

The Power of Being Present

You might notice improvements in your mood as well as lowering symptoms of depression and anxiety. This isn’t a quick fix. It takes intention and practice to quiet the chatter in your mind. If you hang out in quiet long enough your inner wisdom may come through.

Practice. Create a routine to connect you to nature. Take some time each day to notice what’s around you, feel your feet in the ground, and get that body moving to keep yourself healthy and connected to what matters most.


Your mind can boil over with thoughts, opinions, arguments, and information. All of this noise makes it difficult to make decisions and feel clear about what you’re doing.

The mind is powerful and smart! And often, undisciplined.

Before you know it, the simplest decision may push you into a spiraling thought you can’t escape. At this moment, you’re in a stress response. Until you lower your cortisol level, calm your nervous system, and quiet your mind, you’ll feel anxious and uncertain about what to do next.

The best next move – go outside to ground yourself and let go of those thoughts. Practice placing your attention on your surroundings. Breathe. It takes practice and time but you will feel a settling and reconnecting to your body. Now you can think creatively, be kind to yourself, and feel a little bit better.

Have Fun Allow the younger version of yourself to come out. Getting outside is also a time to run, jump, dance, or whatever calls to you. Get wild! Get playful.

Letting go like this can come easy for some and not as much for others. Go with what pulls on you. Sing at the beach, dance in the dirt, and ride your bike down the trail. It’s a time to feel free, let go, and let yourself stretch in all directions.

Give yourself the peace and fulfillment you deserve. You’re doing all the things. You’re amazing. Give yourself the gift of connecting to nature so that you can connect to yourself.

Allow the mind to take a break and your wisdom and desires to shine a light on what’s next for you.

If you want support navigating the change that’s calling you, I’d love to help. Now is the time! Contact me for a complimentary coaching call.


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